UBIC AdBlocker: Ad blocking service for telcos

Quick start: We use the profit sharing model and maximize operators’ existing infrastructure to reduce capital expenses. Our products may be tested on pilot projects free-of-charge.

Marketing: We provide the tools to monetize the technology, a service case record, and minimal cost of subscriber service launch.

UBIC Lab’s unique programs identify advertising sources and allow ad blocking in local markets, initiating active responses to changes in advertising systems.We optimize ad blocking through machine learning and intelligent analysis of digital DNA.The quality control platform guarantees the highest quality of service (SLA).

Full localization and adjustment to regional markets.

Subsciber benefits:
  • No software installation required. Automatic ad blocking on all devices
  • 50% faster page load. 30% less traffic consumption
  • No annoying ads allowing faster page loading, greatly enhancing connection experience
Provider benefits:
  • Revenue from major media players. Maintaining advertising system whitelists, having additional impact on the market
  • Additional monetization of subscriber base
  • Penetration of up to 20% within 2 years of service promotion
  • ARPPU of up to 1015% of ARPU, contingent on market carrier rates
  • A tested and easy-to-calculate business model based on profit sharing and using existing infrastructure
  • No intrusive ads allowing faster page loading, greatly enhancing connection experience
  • Lower communication channels utilization
  • 24/7 product support and guaranteed quality of service
Additional benefits and features:
  • The use of current DPI solutions or the unique UBIC CoreDPI solution (up to 100 Gbps per 1 unit)
  • Service dashboard — a flexible integration into subscriber dashboard, white-label
  • Full localization and adjustment to regional markets
  • Full compliance with MVNE-platform requirements, the ability to customize the platform for virtual network operators
  • Efficiency and reliability in virtual environments
Quick Product Facts

50% faster page load

30% less traffic consumption

20% penetration within 2 years of service promotion


Quick Market Facts

33% ad blocker penetration on the US market in 2018, + 11% in 1 year (Uponit, 2018)

22% of web users in the UK use ad blocking (IAB UK, 2018)

615 min. times ad blocking was used on devices. 62% were mobile devices

30% Ad blocker installations increase annually worldwide with the highest increase in smartphones. (2017, PageFair)

94% of mobile ad blockers are in the Asia-Pacific Region.

59% of mobile devices in India have ad blockers

Market Demand and Future Growth

17% consider installing ad blockers; 20% have used ad blocking software before, but removed it (part of the segment is ready to reinstall given certain conditions)

14% mistakenly think they already use ad blocking when in fact, they use antivirus protection

50% of users do not understand that ad blocking affects content providers’ income

30% of their additional advertising revenue Google, Amazon and Microsoft pay AdBlock Plus gained due to whitelisting their websites