UBIC Telco

100 Gbps

Up to 100Gbps per 1 unit (x86 server) for an unlimited number of subscribers

Advanced Access Control

URL filtration up to 500 mln records, group and individual policies

VAS Products

A set of end-user products utilising the same data bus

Seamless Integration

Full integration with external DPI solutions, AAA/BSS and Front-End services

Machine Learning Core

Using the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide our customers with quality service far beyond the competition

Awesome UX

Full integration with partners' BSS and Front-End services, White-Label


Quick start: We use the profit sharing model and maximize operators’ existing infrastructure to reduce capital expenses. Our products can be tested on pilot projects free-of-charge.

Marketing: We provide the tools to monetize the technology, a service case records, and minimal cost of subscriber service launch.

Integrity: We supply a complete product chain: from data collection on operators’ channels and integration with every possible service and control system to data processing, storage, and analysis.

Full localization and adjustment to regional markets.

UBIC Telco Products

A set of provider-oriented products using network traffic analysis technology to provide new VAS services with tested business models.

  • UBIC Adblocker – Ad blocking for end users on the telco’s side
    • UBIC Lab’s unique mechanisms identify advertising sources and allow ad blocking in local markets, initiating proactive responses to changes in advertising systems.
    • Additional subscriber base monetizing: penetrating up to 20% within 2 years of service promotion and ARPPU of up to 10‒15% of ARPU, contingent on market and carrier rates
  • UBIC Parental Control
    • Parental Control penetration, according to our practice, is as high as 10%
    • Forced safe search activation in popular search engines
  • UBIC CoreDPI
    • Up to 100Gbps per 1 unit (x86 server) for an unlimited number of subscribers
    • URL filtration up to 500 million
    • Regular update of custom resource directory (hundreds of millions of categorized URLs)