UBIC City – A Platform for Critical Tasks

Since 2016, we have provided private individuals and governmental agencies extensive services setting up situation centers. We develop comprehensive and reliable solutions for critical decision-making.

The platform is designed to amass many unstructured big data sources and provide customers the tools to process, analyze, and visualize data. Customers receive products designed to identify new and relevant facts for their decision-making.

Our application experience shows a significant rise in the quality of both strategic (forecasts) and tactical (digital DNA processing, obscure needs identification) decision-making.

  • Automatic real-time big data processing from various structured and unstructured sources with all necessary quality checks.
  • Ready-to-use modules for downloading and processing the most significant data sources: web activity analysis, social network activity analysis, and connections to external data sources.
  • Real-time implementation of ready-to-use and customized UBIC Lab
  • A wide range of ready-made data visualization tools, including dynamic high volume data visualization.